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A chance to meet other business professionals in a relaxed, inclusive environment. The focus is on it being fun, not a race.

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By our reckoning, cycling sure beats other active networking activities and can be a great way to get to know other people.

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Rides will be planned for all abilities and with plenty of stops for food and drink. There will be lots of opportunities to speak to the others on each ride.

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We love cycling and dislike golf - so The Chain Gain was born

Business networking events based around a meal are commonplace and with the right groups can certainly be useful. Over the years, we've received numerous invites to golf days, but it's just not what we enjoy doing. If you're going to be outside, what better way to do it than on a bike? Having realised that most of the people we ride with are business owners or Directors, it made sense to set up a business networking group for such people based upon cycling. The aim is organise monthly rides for business professionals who would enjoy an afternoon's riding with similar people. Rides are on the penultimate working Friday of the month.

  • How much we love cycling

  • How much we love golf

  • How much we love meeting other business owners

  • How much we like networking


Meet the people who had the great idea to set up a cycling networking group for business professonals and owners.

Neil Bowler

Neil is the Managing Partner of The Debt Recovery Bureau. At weekends, he can usually be found on his mountain bike somewhere or other. Also a keen triathlete, he has also been known to ride his road bike.

Stuart Mosley

Stuart is the owner of SJ Financial Solutions. He has been a keen mountain-biker since he was at school. He occasionally dusts off his road bike but is not overly keen on the lycra look!

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